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Dick Gregory

Speech advocating political activism as the best way for blacks to gain power.

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  • "In a 1968 interview conducted by Earl Caldwell, Ruth Ross and Lennox Raphael, Dick Gregory, presidential candidate on the Freedom and Peace Party ticket, discusses his party, his candidacy and other issues relating to Afro-Americans."
  • "In a provocative and entertaining talk, Gregory explains that the problems confronting America will have to be solved by the young people of today. His humorous discussions range from Santa Claus, police forces, American politics, inflation, Clark Gable, Cowboys and Indians to the founding fathers."
  • "Gregory, an active civil rights leader, gives a humorous, yet thought-provoking, speech on civil rights and his protest of the Vietnamese conflict."
  • "Critical comments on U.S. politics, foreign policy, media and various current issues."
  • "Speech advocating political activism as the best way for blacks to gain power."@en
  • "A discussion of Gregory's role in the civil rights movement and his candidacy for the office of president."

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