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Introduction to Aristotle

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  • "This Introduction to Aristotle is a presentation in which Aristotle is permitted to speak for himself in the context of a sketched scheme of the relation of what he says in one treatise to what he says elsewhere. The seven introductions which precede these seven works place them in their contexts by describing their relations to other works or parts of works, their place in the scheme of the Aristotelian sciences, and the fashion in which the subjects treated in the sciences they expound may be considered in the approaches proper to other sciences in the system. - Preface."
  • "A collection of writings by Greek philosopher Aristotle, thought to be lecture notes for classes he taught at the Lyceum, including the complete texts of the "Posterior Analytics," "De Anima," "Nichomachean Ethics," and "Poetics"; as well as selections from "Physics," "On the Parts of Animals," "Metaphysics," "Politics," and "Rhetoric.""

  • "Early works"
  • "Early works"@en
  • "Einführung"
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  • "Introduction to Aristote"
  • "Introduction to Aristotle"@en
  • "Introduction to Aristotle"
  • "Introduction to Aristotle. Edited, with a general introduction and introductions to the particular works by Richard McKeon"@en
  • "Introduction to aristotle"@en
  • "Introduction to aristotle"
  • "[Teils., engl.] Introduction to Aristotle"