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Second contact

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  • "An explosive saga of world powers locked in conflict against an enemy from the stars.The magnificent epic has now expanded into the volatile 1960's, when the space race is in its infancy and humanity must face its greatest challenge: alien colonization of planet Earth. Yet even in the shadow of this inexorable foe, the United States, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany are unable to relinquish their hostilities and unite against a massive new wave of extraterrestrials. For all the countries of the world, this is the greatest threat of all. This time, the terrible price of defeat will be the conquest of our world, and perhaps the extinction of the human race itself."
  • "Book one in a trilogy of alternate history."
  • "After a brief truce, fighting resumes as 40 million lizard-like aliens invade Earth. Question is will humans unite to repel them, Earth split between half a dozen quarrelsome powers, including the Third Reich. By the author of Worldwar: Striking the Balance."

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