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The administrative dental assistant : workbook

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  • "Student workbook for the administrative dental assistant"
  • "Student workbook for the Administrative Dental Assistant"@en

  • "From the Publisher: Now in full color, The Administrative Dental Assistant is revised to reflect the latest information on operating a dental office. It's logically organized to cover all of the various tasks an administrative dental assistant encounters. It includes up-to-date CDT-5 Dental Codes, new HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines, plus current examples of key equipment, forms, and computer technology. A companion CD-ROM simulates dental practice management, offering opportunities to enter and update patient data, post payment and treatment procedures using dental codes, submit e-claims for payment, evaluate reports, and schedule appointments. Remember boxes highlight important chapter points. Procedure boxes offer step-by-step procedural guides for typical and/or complicated dental administrative assistant tasks. Food For Thought boxes provide supplemental information to that in the text. Patient File Folder Mock-Up simulates and describes a complete patient file folder, with examples of all of the forms typically included. Critical Thinking questions are presented at the end of each chapter, based on chapter content. Web Watch provides Internet links in each chapter for additional related information. A companion CD-ROM offers interactive exercises, with activities simulating the daily tasks performed by a typical administrative dental assistant. HIPAA guidelines are included in the text and highlighted in boxes, highlighting current information on privacy practices. More than 100 new or colorized images reinforce key points and provide examples of important topics and procedures. Full-color design offers authentic color images and highlights key points. A companion Evolve website features: chapter elements including key terms and objectives; expansive image collection from the text; links to related content and additional information available on the Internet."
  • "Accompanying CD-ROM has interactive software to simulate typical tasks of an administrative dental assistant, including simulation of a dental practice management software system. Pop-up questions, with correct answers and explanations, prompt users to think about what they have learned."

  • "Problems, exercises, etc"
  • "Problems, exercises, etc"@en

  • "The Administrative dental assistant"
  • "The administrative dental assistant : workbook"@en
  • "The Administrative Dental Assistant"
  • "The administrative dental assistant"
  • "The administrative dental assistant"@en
  • "The administrative dental assistant : student workbook"