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A nonagenarian reviews the history of the old Northwest, her native state, and hometown

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  • "Inspired by a family history that extends from Nantucket Island in the late 1600's to the arrival of her grandparents in the Old Northwest in 1804, the author surveys the evolution of the State of Indiana and her hometown from the Indian Village of Munsee to the contemporary city of Muncie, Indiana. As a Nonagenarian, the author also relates significant events during 90 years of the 20th Century and assesses the effect they had on the people of Muncie, her own life, and the lives of her family and friends."
  • "The author credits the Ordinance of 1787's provision for land grants as the impetus for her grandparents and other settlers migrating to present day Indiana. the discovery of natural gas in 1886 inspired the rapid development of Muncie. Her father became a successful oil driller. the author reports a cohesive family life centering around the home and church as characteristic of Muncie, interrupted by World War I, and changed somewhat by the arrival of the automobile and the radio."
  • "In the 80's, the author sees Muncie more positively than the Lynd's study of "Middletown," but is concerned about the impact of single parent families upon values and moral commitment, and, consequently, upon the health of Muncie and American society."
  • "The author makes use of personal experience, and primary sources, such as: letters, scrapbooks, newspapers, corporate reports, and memorabilia, as well as relevant historical studies."
  • "Post war prosperity ended in the Great Depression. the author's husband experienced difficulty in beginning a medical practice. Hard times drew families closer together. Tension existed between the citizens of Muncie and workers in Roosevelt's CCC Camp nearby. While World War II solved economic problems, her husband worked to exhaustion due to the shortage of doctors. Later their own son served as a physician in Vietnam."

  • "A nonagenarian reviews the history of the old Northwest, her native state, and hometown"@en
  • "A Nonagenarian reviews the history of the Old Northwest, her native state and hometown"