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X-ray : see through the world around you

A collection of x-ray images of objects, plants, and animals.

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  • "A collection of x-ray images of objects, plants, and animals."@en
  • "From the Publisher: A beautiful and utterly mesmerizing view of everyday objects. Using security scanners and x-ray machines, Nick Veasey creates beautiful, unsettling, inside-out images that reveal-like never before-the intricacy of everyday objects, animals, and plants. Whether the spectacle of an x-rayed Boeing 777, the elaborate geometry of an mp3 player's circuit boards, or the ethereal grace of a translucent daffodil, each page of this book is an absorbing work of art. In a security-obsessed age, Veasey's work is subtly subversive, as it uses sophisticated technology to discover inner beauty rather than concealed dangers. Veasey captures the x-ray images on film in a lead-lined studio. (He works on the outside of the studio when the machines are operating.) Once the x-ray has been exposed, it is scanned at ultrahigh resolution, using special equipment tailored for the process. These digital images are then composed and embellished on a computer. The whole process can take weeks or even months-but the results speak for themselves."@en
  • "We think of an X-ray as a diagnostic or security tool-- but it's much more. As award-winning photographer Nick Veasey shows in this eye-opening collection, X-rays reveal worlds hidden beneath the surface. Veasey, often in collaboration with scientists and medical personnel, uses a variety of specialized equipment to create stunningly ethereal images of everything from tulips to tractors. They'll alter the way you perceive even the most everyday object."@en

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  • "X-ray : see through the world around you"@en
  • "X-ray : see through the world around you"