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Bread-winners a social study

An anti-labor novel.

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  • "This 1883 novel about the struggle between labor and industry focuses on the 1877 railway strike. Its plot comes down squarely in favor of the latter—causing a sensation upon its anonymous publication. Many names were advanced as possible authors, but circumstantial evidence, as well as handwriting analysis, conclusively pointed to Hay, who until his death steadfastly denied authorship."
  • "Manuscript prepared for and used as copy for the anonymous first printing of John Hay's novel The bread-winners in The century magazine, beginning in August 1883; lacks the last three chapters (18-20, published in the January 1884 issue). Written in the hands of perhaps three or more copyists with emendations by Hay, and printer's markings, which include the chapter titles. At the end of the volume, also in a copyist's hand with his emendations, is Hay's "open letter" published in the issue of March 1884. This letter is likewise anonymous, as were all book printings of the novel before 1916, when Hay's name was added to the title page and the title was changed to The breadwinners."
  • "An anti-labor novel."
  • "An anti-labor novel."@en

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