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Der bewegte Mann The most desired man

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  • "Maybe ... maybe not"
  • "Most desired man"
  • "Maybe, maybe not"
  • "Maybe... Maybe not"
  • "Sönke Wortman's The most desired man"
  • "Pretty Baby"
  • "Turbulent man"
  • "Pretty baby"
  • "The turbulent man"

  • "A young woman catches her boyfriend with another woman and kicks him out. He charms his way into the home of a gay man who lusts after his new flatmate. When his girlfriend discovers she is pregnant, she decides she wants him back."
  • "A comedy in which heterosexual Axel, having been thrown out by his wife for one more sexual escapade, ends up being taken in by two homosexuals, Norbert and Walter, who promptly begin competing for his favors. This leads to a number of comical misunderstandings, which play with heterosexual and homosexual stereotypes."
  • "Doro wirft ihren Freund Axel aus der Wohnung, nachdem sie ihn mal wieder mit einer anderen Frau erwischt hat. Axel kommt bei den beiden Schwulen Norbert und Walter unter und so nimmt eine bewegte Geschichte über komplizierte Verwicklungen und Missverständnisse zwischen Homos und Heteros ihren Lauf."
  • "Axel is cheating on his girlfried with another woman when Doro, the girlfriend, catches him in flagrante and breaks up with him. Axel ends up staying with Norbert who happens to be gay. The comedy continues when the pregnant Doro catches Axel in her apartment with the naked Norbert. Both Doro and Norbert question Axel's sexuality."
  • "Thrown out by his girlfriend for his unfaithfulness, a heterosexual man moves in with a homosexual who hopes to seduce him. When his girlfriend learns that she is pregnant, she wants him back."
  • "Als Axel na zijn zoveelste slippertje door zijn vriendin het huis uit wordt gezet, krijgt hij onderdak bij de homoseksuele Waltraud en diens vriend Norbert."
  • "Axel is an open-minded heterosexual whose girlfriend Doro has just thrown him out for cheating on her. The only place he can find to sleep is at the apartment of a gay acquaintance who would like nothing better than to seduce Axel. Doro announces that she is pregnant, then finds Axel and his roommate Norbert in a compromising position and decides her lover is gay. In the comedy of errors that follows, everything Axel does to win Doro back goes hilariously wrong."

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  • "Der bewegte Mann The most desired man"
  • "DER BEWEGTE MANN ; Regie: Sönke Wortmann. Mit Til Schweiger, Katja Riemann, Joachim Krol, Rufus Beck, Armin Rohnde, Nico van der Knaap. Musik: Torsten Breuer"
  • "Der Bewegte mann"
  • "Der bewegte Mann : nach den Comics "Der bewegte Mann" und "Pretty Baby" von Ralf König ; eine Komödie"
  • "Der bewegte Mann"
  • "Bewegte mann (Film)"
  • "Der bewegte mann"