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Food and energy resources

Food And Energy Resources.

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  • "Food And Energy Resources."@en
  • "Energy flow in the food system; Energy sources and conversions relatingto food; The role of energy in world agriculture and food availabity; Food for people; Energy use crop systems in northeaster China; Energy and food relationships in developing countries;A perspective from the social sciences; Ethics economics energy and food conversion systems; solar energy applications in agriculture; Biomass energy and food-conflicts; Potentials in producing alcohol from corn grain and residue in relation to prices, land use and conservation."

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  • "グリーンの地球クリーンな資源 : 新時代の食糧生産システム"
  • "Food and energy resources"@en
  • "Food and energy resources"
  • "Gurīn no chikyū kurīn na shigen : shin jidai no shokuryō seisan shisutemu"
  • "Gurīn no chikyū kurīnna shigen"@ja
  • "Food And Energy Resources"@en