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L'Incendie de Philadelphie : roman

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  • "Cudjoe returns to his old neighborhood after a decade of self-imposed exile in search of a boy he saw running from the flames after his West Philadelphia row house was bombed by police."
  • "Story of Cudjoe, a writer and exile who returns to his old neighborhood after spending a decade fleeing from his past. Inspired by the 1985 police bombing of a West Philadelphia row house owned by the back-to-nature, Afrocentric cult known as Move."
  • "Eleven people - five of them children - are killed in west Philadelphia when 6221 Osage Avenue is bombed out of existence. One small boy is seen to escape the fire. From his life of self-exile on an island in the Aegean, Cudjoe mourns the child until it becomes an obsession, leading him home, forcing him to face up to his own profound alienation and to the wrenching realities of his native land. He searches for the boy and, as he does so, he searches out his own past. Reconstructing his life plunges him backwards into memories both personal and communal, forwards inch by inch into a city fast becoming a nightmare."

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  • "L'Incendie de Philadelphie : roman"
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