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Oral History of the American Left. Radical Histories

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  • "The interviews consist of those conducted by OHAL staff and others donated from other sources. They concern immigrant and ethnic radicalism, labor, women workers, black workers, the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, Trotskyism, radical newspapers and fraternal associations and student radicalism. The interviews concern the period from 1900 to the present with major emphasis on 1920-40. Most of the interviews are on cassette tapes with indexes; some are transcripts (usually without the original tape). Notable individuals interviewed include: Herbert Aptheker, Rosalyn Fraad Baxandall, Daniel Berrigan, Abner Berry, James Boggs, George Breitman, Rose Chernin, Malcolm Cowley, Samuel Darcy, Solon De Leon, Hal Draper, Raya Dunayevskaya, Melech Epstein, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Hugo Gellert, Todd Gitlin, Martin Glaberman, Albert Glotzer, Itshe Goldberg, Louis Harap,Michael Harrington, C.L.R. James, Howard "Stretch" Johnson, Mary Kolehmainen, Meridel LeSueur, A.B. Magil, Thomas McGrath, Ernest Rice McKinney, Steve Nelson, Clarence Norris,Paul Novik, Harvey O'Connor, Louise Patterson, George Rawick, Lester Rodney, Annette Rubinstein, Pete Seeger, Norman Thomas, Stan Weir, Myra Tanner Weiss. Several group interviews or conferences were recorded pertaining to the following organizations: Catholic Worker Movement, International Labor Defense, Matteotti Club, Medem Jewish Socialist Group, Socialist Party(U.S.), Southern Negro Youth Congress, Workers Party (1940-1949), Workers Party (1940-1949). Johnson-Forest Tendency."

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  • "Oral History of the American Left. Radical Histories"