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Postcard [Left to right], Sonny Boy Williamson, [Sam Anderson] announcer, Robert Junior Lockwood

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  • "Sonny Boy Williamson was a famous blues musician during the 1940s and 1950s. He was born between 1899 and 1910 under the name Aleck Ford and was also known as Rice Miller or Aleck Miller and grew up in Mississippi and taught himself how to play the harmonica. In the 1930s, he played with Sunny and Slim in Missouri and probably toured other southern states by himself. Beginning in 1941, he performed on KFFA Radio Station in Helena, Arkansas on the "King Biscuit Flour Time" radio program. He left the radio station in 1944 but returned often to perform. In 1951, he began his recording career. He was based in the Memphis area until 1954 when he moved to Detroit. From there he moved to Milwaukee and Cleveland. He spent several years touring the country and went to Europe to perform. In 1965, he returned to Helena and appeared again on "King Biscuit Time" and died May 25, 1965."
  • "Negative taken of King Biscuit Time, a blues radio show broadcast from Radio Station KFFA in Helena, Phillips County, Arkansas in 1942. People in the image include from left to right: Sonny Boy Williamson, Sam Anderson (co-owner of KFFA) and Robert Lockwood Junior."
  • "Robert Junior Lockwood was born March 27, 1915 at Marvell, Phillips County, Arkansas. He played learned to play the blues on harmonica and guitar from Robert Johnson in Helena, Arkansas, as a teenager. He worked as the partner of Sonny Boy Williamson on the KFFA, King Biscuit time radio show in Helena in the early 1940s."

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  • "Postcard [Left to right], Sonny Boy Williamson, [Sam Anderson] announcer, Robert Junior Lockwood"