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Pan's labyrinth El laberinto del fauno /

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  • "Visually stunning and brimming with endearingly warm characters, Pan's Labyrinth tells the beautiful tale of an imaginative 10-year-old and her incredible ability to escape reality using her mind. In a similar tradition to The Chronicles of Narnia and The Labyrinth, yet with significantly more emphasis on the gothic/horror aesthetic, the film takes us to a place of dark imagery and dangerous fantasy, similar to worlds created by the master of the macabre, Tim Burton. We've all sat at the window, staring and dreaming of a mythical world of wonderful, sometimes menacing creatures. Pan's Labyrinth, with its lifelike costumes and unbelievable characters, takes us as close as many of us will ever go.Set in Spain in 1944, 10-year-old Ophelia moves with her pregnant mother Carmen, to the province of Navarra to meet her new stepfather, the Fascist officer Captain Vidal. In a world torn apart by war, the only escape for a 10-year-old girl is her imagination. Ophelia stumbles across a stone labyrinth in the garden of her new estate, which is presided over by the faun Pan. Pan convinces Ophelia she is the lost queen of this land, and in order to regain her throne she must complete three dangerous tasks before the next full moon. While Ophelia struggles to regain her rightful place in Pan's Labyrinth, the political struggle in Spain rages on, and the world in Ophelia's imagination comes closer to the brutal and bloody reality she is trying to escape. Still, despite its beauty it deserves MA15+"
  • "A dark fantasy thriller about a young girl who enters a mysterious labyrinth and finds herself at the center of the ferocious battle between good and evil."
  • "Originally released in 2006. Certificate 15. Running time 118 mins."

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  • "Pan's labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno)."
  • "Pan's Labyrinth El laberinto del fauno /"
  • "Laberinto del Fauno."
  • "Laberinto del fauno"
  • "Pan's labyrinth El laberinto del fauno /"
  • "Pan's labyrinth El laberinto del fauno /"@en
  • "Laberinto del fauno (Motion picture)"
  • "Pans labyrint El laberinto del fauno /"
  • "Pans Labyrinth El laberinto del Fauno /"