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Fundamentals of human neuropsychology + clinical neuroscience reader

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  • "Fundamentals of human neuropsychology"
  • "Human neuropsychology"@en
  • "Human neuropsychology"

  • "Written by respected academics in neuropsychology, this sixth edition guides students on a comprehensive journey of discovery through the realm of contemporary human neuropsychology. The book has a clinical focus throughout."
  • "The 4th edition seems to have kept up the high standards. I highly recommend this book for anyone approaching advanced studies in any behavioral or neuroscientific field. This textbook covers human neuropsychology from a more scientific, as opposed to clinical, viewpoint than many other graduate-level textbooks. Perhaps this is due to the authors' own research experiences, which have been conducted primarily with animal models. Personally, I think that this is a great strength, since the authors very effectively tie together the findings from human and animal work, and fill in the gaps which would remain speculative if one had to rely solely upon research with human subjects and clinical cases. What this means is that there is very limited discussion of assessment and diagnosis, but a thorough review of the anatomical and neurochemical organization of the brain, and well as a thorough review of brain function broken down by behavioral domain (sensory, motor, language, memory, etc.) and by cortical region (frontal, temporal, parietal etc.). Although published in 1996, this book still remains fundamentally state of the art, and a fine textbook in the field."
  • "Presents a core of information that forms the basis of a course in neuropsychology; background information for those new to the study of the brain and a discussion of disorders of the brain that provides useful supplementary reading for the interested student."

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  • "Neuropsicologia humana"@es
  • "Fundamentals of human neuropsychology + clinical neuroscience reader"@en
  • "Neuropsicología humana"
  • "Neuropsicología humana"@es
  • "Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology"@en
  • "Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology"
  • "Fundamentals of neuropsychology"@en
  • "Neuropsychologie"
  • "Fundamentals of human neuropsychology"@en
  • "Fundamentals of human neuropsychology"
  • "Fundamentals of human neuropsychology"@it