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Nelson Mandela : a biography

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  • "In this, the first full-scale biography of Nelson Mandela, Martin Meredith vividly captures the epic arc of a life defined by struggle against the brutality of apartheid and its eventual defeat. He provides fascinating insights into the enduring friendships Mandela forged among whites and blacks alike, into the influential role played by his communist colleagues, and into his turbulent personal life. Meredith casts light upon the dark years of Mandela's imprisonment, when, mostly forgotten by the outside world, he was banished to Robben Island, South Africa's most notorious political prison. Yet Mandela survived years of hard labor and mistreatment to emerge as a powerful symbol of national reconciliation, and his ultimate triumph was honored and acclaimed around the world. As a champion of peace and a father of a new nation, Nelson Mandela is a hero in a world where heroes are few in number."
  • "Sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island for his part in organising armed rebellion against South Africa's white rulers, Mandela stayed faithful to his goal of a peaceful, non-racial democracy. His release, 27 years later, had a profound effect."
  • "Nelson Mandela stands out as one of the most admired political figures of the twentieth century. It was his leadership and moral courage above all that helped to deliver a peaceful end to apartheid in South Africa after years of racial division and violence and to establish a fledgling democracy there. Martin Meredith's vivid portrayal of this towering leader was originally acclaimed as an exemplary work of biography: instructive, illuminating, as well as felicitously written."

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  • "Nelson Mandela"
  • "Nelson Mandela : ein Leben fur Frieden und Freiheit"
  • "Nelson Mandela : a biography"@en
  • "Nelson Mandela : a biography"
  • "Nelson Mandela : A biography"
  • "Nelson Mandela a biography"@en
  • "Nelson Mandela : A Biography"
  • "Nelson Mandela : ein Leben für Frieden und Freiheit"
  • "Nelson Mandela, a Biography"@en