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Essays on economics and economists

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  • "Economics and economists"@en

  • "Economics; The lnstitutional Structure of Production; How Should Econornists Choose?; Economics and Contiguous Disciplines; Economists and Public Policy The Market for Goods and the Market for ldeas; The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith's ViewofMan; Contents; ECONOMISTS; Alfred Marshall's Mother and Father Alfred Marshall's Farnily and Ancestry; The Appointment of Pigou as Marshall's Successor Marshall on Method; Amold Plant; Duncan Black; George J. Stigler; Economics at LSE in the 1930s: A Personal View."

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  • "论经济学和经济学家"
  • "Essays on economics and economists"@en
  • "Essays on economics and economists"
  • "Essays on Economics and Economists"
  • "Ensayos sobre economía y economistas"
  • "Ensayos sobre economía y economistas"@es
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