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Justice at Nuremberg

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  • "Norman Birkett, one of the two British judges at Nuremberg, called it "the greatest trial in history." Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, the American prosecutor, observed, "This trial has a scope that is utterly beyond anything that has ever been attempted." A unique event in modern history- the first and only time the leaders of a defeated nation have been placed on trial- what happened at Nuremberg has eluded the efforts of writers to bring it to life for more than thirty-five years. Now, this book tells the complete story in vivid, dramatic terms. Employing massive files of the National Archives, documentary collections of key figures, and interviews with leading participants, the author relates what actually happened in court and what went on behind the scenes. He brings to life the prosecution, the defense and the judges, and he traces some unforgettable portraits of the defendants themselves. Also illuminated are many of the seemingly inexplicable occurrences of the Nazi regime, providing the first comprehensive account of Nazi criminality and atrocities, their development, and the staggering consequences. Never again will any person be able to claim seriously that the holocaust is an invention or that the German leaders were not really war criminals- the evidence, produced not only by the prosecution but in many cases also by the defense, is overwhelming. Timely and absorbing, this book takes its place as one of the definitive books on the Hitler era."
  • "Here, for the first time in one volume, is the full story of the crimes committed by the Nazi leaders and of the trials in which they were brought to judgment. Conot reconstructs in a single narrative not only the events at Nuremberg but the offenses with which the accused were charged. He characterizes each of the twenty-one defendants, presenting each case and inspecting carefully the process of indictment, prosecution, defense and sentencing.--From publisher description."
  • "Tells of the trial of the Nazi high command at Nuremberg at the end of World War II, and gives information on the careers of the defendants. This book is composed for the most part from original sources and the trial record."

  • "Justice at Nurenberg. The first comprehensive account of the trial of the Nazi leaders"
  • "Justice at Nuremberg"
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  • "Justice at Nuremberg : The first comprehensive account of the trial of the Nazi leaders"
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