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Evolution of The Brain and Intelligence

Evolution of The Brain and Intelligence.

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  • "Evolution of The Brain and Intelligence."@en
  • "Evolution of the Brain and Intelligence covers the general principles of behavior and brain function. The book is divided into four parts encompassing 17 chapters that emphasize the implications of the history of the brain for the evolution of behavior in vertebrates. The introductory chapter covers the studies of animal behavior and their implications about the nature of the animal's world. The following chapters emphasize methodological issues and the meanings of brain indices and brain size, as well as the general anatomy of the brain. Other chapters discuss the history of the brain in the ..."

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  • "Evolution of The Brain and Intelligence"
  • "Evolution of The Brain and Intelligence"@en
  • "Evolution of the brain and inteligence"
  • "Evolution of the brain and intelligence"
  • "Evolution of the brain and intelligence"@en