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The New centurions

Captures the frantic, desperate world of the big city cop.

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  • "flics ne dorment pas la nuit"@en

  • "Captures the frantic, desperate world of the big city cop."@en
  • "La vida de dos policías americanos y los problemas con que tienen que enfrentarse al estar de patrulla en la parte Este de los Estados Unidos."@es
  • "Film version of Joseph Wambaugh's bestseller about the unyielding and complex world of the big-city cop. George C. Scott, Stacy Keach and Jane Alexander star."@en
  • "Story about the world of big city police centers on two cops, one nearing retirement and the other, a younger man who thrives on danger."
  • "Policeman Joseph Wambaugh's story of a veteran big-city officer who is reluctant to retire and on his rookie partner."@en
  • "Captures the frantic, desperate world of two big city cops -- one a veteran contemplating the emptiness of retirement, the other thriving on danger and death."@en
  • "Rookie cop Roy Fehler joins the LAPD and is teamed up with veteran Andy Kilvinski. Together they face off against the criminal elements in Los Angeles. When Andy retires, Roy becomes aware of how demanding the life of a police officer can be."@en
  • "While attending law school, a young man decides to join the Los Angeles Police Department, changing his life forever."@en
  • "Story centers around two policemen: Kilvinski, a veteran officer terrified as he contemplates the uninspired emptiness of retirement and Fehler, the young policeman whose job comes before everything--including his wife--as he thrives on the danger and death that are his daily routine. The life of a policeman is the only life they know--the only life they want. The movie reaches beyond the usual police drama ... a film that brings a new meaning to the word "cop.""@en
  • "An idealistic rookie cop joins the LAPD to make ends meet while finishing law school, and is indoctrinated by a seasoned veteran. As time goes on, he loses his ambitions and family as police work becomes his entire life."

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  • "New centurions (Pel·lícula cinematogràfica)"
  • "The New centurions"@en
  • "Los Nuevos centuriones"
  • "The new centurions"
  • "The new centurions"@en
  • "The new centurions"@es
  • "The New Centurions"
  • "Los nuevos centuriones The new centurions"@es
  • "new centurions"@es