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  • "Plotinus: the Enneads"@en
  • "On the life of Plotinos and the arrangement of his work"

  • "The Enneads bring together Platonism, mystic passion and ideas from Greek philosophy, together with striking variants of the Trinity and other central Christian doctrines, to produce a highly original synthesis. Yet despite the profundity of his thought, and his immense influence on mystics and religious writers, Plotinus (AD 204-70) remained largely inaccessible. What was desperately needed, suggest John Dillon in his Biographical Sketch, was 'an interpretative translation, which would boldly tease out all the nuances of Plotinus' crabbed and condensed language, and reproduce it in English of proper nobility'. Such is precisely the achievement of Stephen MacKenna; his book ranks with the greatest translations of the twentieth century."

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  • "Early works"

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  • "The Enneads. Translated by Stephen Mackenna, With a Foreword by E.R. Dodds and an Introd. by Paul Henry"@en
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  • "The Enneads [of] Plotinus"@en