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Oral history interview of T. Braxton Woody by Robert C. Light

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  • "Woody relates very brief anecdotes about Dr. Paul Barringer; Miss Nancy Gordon; billiards tournaments among faculty; Miss Mary Proffitt; titles of professors; chemistry professor nicknamed Dicky Bird; decline of honor system; "in grown" faculty of Virginia gentlemen vs northern faculty who do not know Virginia traditions; admission of women and the honor system; honor system in the Big Ten schools particularly Indiana and Northwestern; admiration of Virginia's honor system; opposition to co-education in the 1920s and "appalling lack of courtesy" to women students; holdouts against women included Dean Runk and how his own mind changed when he observed women excelling as language students; Dr. Metcalf's Bible class; formality and reservation of students; Ed Stettinius; clubs; the "terrifying Yellow Journal"; "Pete" the bell ringer; Captain S the newspaper seller; insularity of students in the 1920s; "The Corner"; boxing teams and tournaments; "greasy grind" in his student days; requirements more difficult in the 1920s; and student spirit in the 1920s, particularly Virginia gentleman tradition, pride in honor system, andabsurdly rigid formality."

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  • "Oral history interview of T. Braxton Woody by Robert C. Light"