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Markings / by Dag Hammarskjold

Verse and prose.

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  • "Verse and prose."
  • "Verse and prose."@en
  • "Dag Hammarskjold's personal journal recording his spiritual growth, self-questioning, and resolutions from 1925 to his death in 1961."
  • "A collection of poems and sayings by this famous statesman."@en
  • "Translation of Vagmarken."@en
  • "Translation of Vagmarken."

  • "Translations"@en
  • "Biography"
  • "Biography"@en
  • "Dagboeken (vorm)"
  • "Tagebuch 1925-1961"
  • "Diaries"@en
  • "Large type books"

  • "Markings / by Dag Hammarskjold"@en
  • "Markings. Translated by Leif Sjoberg W.H. Auden. With a Foreword by W.H. Auden"@en
  • "Marking"
  • "Markings"@en
  • "Markings"
  • "Markings : transl. by leif sjoberg and W.H. Auden. With a foreword by W.H. Auden"
  • "MarkingsAnother issue"@en
  • "Markings ["Vägmärken"] by Dag Hammarskjöld. Translated by Leif Sjöberg and W. H. Auden, with a foreword by W. H. Auden"
  • "Markings by Dag Hammarskjöld"