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Monty Python's flying circus. DVD disc 10

Disc 10 contains episodes 30-32 from the series.

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  • "Flying circus"@en
  • "Contains killer sheep, silly vicar & wife swapping"@en

  • "Disc 10 contains episodes 30-32 from the series."@en
  • "The original surreal sketch comedy showcase for the Monty Python troupe."@en
  • "A collection of sketches from the BBC television comedy Monty Python's flying circus."@en
  • "Episode 30: 'Blood, devastation, death, war and horror' contains the following skits: The man who speaks in anagrams, Anagram quiz, Merchant banker, Pantomime horses, Life and death struggles, Mary recruitment office, Bus conductor, The man who makes people laugh uncontrollably, Army captain as clown, Gestures to indicate pauses in a televised talk, Neurotic announcers / Richard Baker, and The pantomime horse is a secret agent."
  • "Skits & sketches from the BBC television series featuring the comedy troupe, Monty Python."@en
  • "Episode 31: 'The All-England summarize Proust competition' contains the following skits: All-England summarize Proust competition, Everest climbed by hairdressers, Fire brigade, "Party Hints" with Veronica Smalls, Language laboratory, Travel agent, and Theory on Brontosaurus uses by Anne Elk."
  • "These three episodes from the second season feature the hallmarks of Monty Python, surprise, silliness, men in drag and bizarre animation."@en
  • "Comedy sketches excerpted from the television series Monty Python's Flying Circus."@en
  • "Episode 32: 'The war against pornography' contains the following skits: Tory housewives clean-up campaign, Gumby brain specialist, Molluscs-"live" TV documentary, Report on the Minister reports, Tuesday documentary / Children's story, Match of the day, An apology, Expedition to Lake Pahoe, and The silliest sketch we've ever done."

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  • "Monty Python's Flying Circus 10"
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. DVD disc 10"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. disc 10"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus Disc 10"
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. Volume 10"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. Volume 10, Contains killer sheep, silly vicar & wife swapping"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. DVD 10"@en