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Monty Python's flying circus. disc 11

Disc 11 contains episodes 33-35 from the series.

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  • "Exploding penguin on the telly & Bruces"
  • "Flying circus"@en

  • "Disc 11 contains episodes 33-35 from the series."@en
  • "A collection of sketches from the BBC television comedy Monty Python's flying circus."@en
  • "Episode 33: 'Salad days' contains the following skits: Biggles dictates a letter, Climbing the north face of the Uxbridge Road, Lifeboat, Storage jars, The show so far, Cheese shop, Sam Pekinpah's "Salad Days", Apology, The news with Richard Baker, and Seashore interlude film."
  • "Episode 35: 'The nude organist' contains the following skits: Bomb on phone, A naked man, Housing project built by characters from 19th century English literature, M1 interchange built by characters from Paradise Lost, Mystico and Janet-flats built by hypnosis, Mortuary hour, Olympic hide-and-seek final, The cheap-laughs, Bull-fighting, Prices on the planet Algon, and Reading the credits."
  • "The original surreal sketch comedy showcase for the Monty Python troupe."@en
  • "These three episodes from the third season feature the hallmarks of Monty Python, surprise, silliness, men in drag and bizarre animation."@en
  • "Episode 34: 'The cycling tour' contains the following skits: The cycling tour, Prescription for directions, Break-up at the pub, Mr. Gulliver / Clodagh Rogers, Trotsky, Smolensk, Bingo-crazed Chinese, Not secret police, Trotsky / Eartha Kitt, Firing squad, and Eartha Kitt / Edward Heath."
  • "Comedy sketches excerpted from the television series Monty Python's Flying Circus."

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  • "Monty Python's flying circus. disc 11"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. Volume 11, Contains an exploding penguin on the telly & Bruces"
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. Volume 11"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. DVD disc 11"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus. DVD 11"@en
  • "Monty Python's flying circus Disc 11"
  • "Monty Python's Flying Circus 11"