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Private journal of Georgiana F. Walker

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  • "In 1864 she describes travels to England to consult Sir William Bowman for her daughter and also mentions mining near Falmouth, Confederate society in Leamington, sight seeing travels in England, particularly London and the Crystal Palace and a side trip to Paris. From England she travels briefly to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she describes Confederate Society, the birth of her fifth child and an herbal cure for an affliction that necessitated a resort to "blind puppies.""
  • "Walker runs the blockade to join her diplomat husband in Bermuda in 1863. She describes the island, with stereotype remarks on the black populace, and also mentions a strike for higher wages followed by the burning of stored [Confederate?] cotton. She also describes the many Confederate sympathizers she meets and their social life; various successful and unsuccesful blockade runnings; high prices and the "fleecing" of resident Confederates; severe illness after the birth of her fourth child; and the continued suffering of a child from an eye affliction. There are brief mentions of Varina Howell Davis, John Newland Maffitt and the C.S.A. Florida, and British governor Sir Harry Ord, among others. Letters from Rose Greenhow are mentioned several times."
  • "This modern copy contains entries from her journal, 1862 -1878, interspersed with later reminiscences. She describes life in Richmond after her husband has been sent on a diplomatic mission and discusses the continuing illness of a daughter, mentioning briefly the death of Alexander Galt, the funeral of D. R. Jones, and inflation."
  • "In 1865 she describes a brief sojourn in Bermuda and a return to England after the war as her husband is "under the ban." In England she notes a return trip to Dr. Bowman; English elections; visit to an orphan asylum with George Wythe Randolph and wife; other English attractions including a fox hunt; visits with Jefferson and Varina Davis; births of a two children and deaths of her father, sister and daughter; brief return to Virginia in 1874; and residence in Berkshire."

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  • "Private journal of Georgiana F. Walker"