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Biochemical action of hormones

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  • "Hormone / Biochemie."
  • "V.4 - Affinity labeling as a technique in determining hormone mechanisms; Mechanisms of prostaglandin action in endocrine glands; Regulation of protein synthesis and degradation in heart and skeletal muscle; Hormonal regulation of cholesterol synthesis; The B-adrenergic receptor and the regulation of circadian rhythms in the pineal gland; Cell culture studies of thyrotropin-releasing hormone action; The insulin receptor: properties and regulation; Molecular actions of androgens; Actions of cyclic AMP and its relationship to transmitter function in nervous tissue; v.5 - postsynthetic modifications of histone primary structure: phosphorylation and acetylation as related to chromatin conformation and function; Regulation of exocytosis; The somatomedins and their actions; The ontogeny of estrogen receptors; Epidermal growth factors; Sites of action of androgens and follicle stimulating hormone on cells of the seminiferous tubule; Biochemical properties of the intestinal receptor system for the steroid hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D; The chick oviduct progesterone receptor; Integrated mammary tumor virus genes: transcriptional regulation by glucocorticoids and specific effects on host gene expression; Induction and regulation of vitellogenin synthesis by estrogen; Multihormonal control of the messenger RNA for the hepatic protein globulin; v.6 - The physiological regulation and function of cAMP-dependent protein kinases; Hormonal and metabolic control of phosphoprotein phosphatase; Structural aspects of steroid hormone and carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Modulation of chemical carcinogenesis by hormones; How important are steroid in regulating the growth of mamary tumors? Biochemical actions of neurohypophysial hormones and nuerophysin; Biochemistry and physiology of cytokinins; Steroid hormone receptors in the central nervous system; Properties of estrogen receptor purified to homogeneity; Hormonal regulation of Globulin in rat liver; v.7 - Chemistry and biological actions of products with thymic hormone-like activity; The hypothalamo-pituitary-liver axis: a new hormonal system in control of hepatic steroid and drug metabolism; Hormonal control of protein degradation in liver and isolated cells; Hormonal regulation in lipid mobilization from adipose tissue; Cell genetics of glucocorticoid responsiveness; The mero-receptor; Hypothalamic control of LHRH and somatostatin: role of central neurotransmitters and intracellular messengers;Androgenic regulation of generalized and specific responses in acessory sexual tissues of the male rat; The molecular biology of thyroid hormone action; v.8 - The messenger function of calcium in endocrine systems; Neuronal regulation of blood pressure; Regulation of protein synthesis by prosphorylation; Hormonal control of hepatic glyconeogenesis; Effects of insulin on intracellular functions; Membrane recognition and effector sites in steroid hormone action; Activation of steroid-receptor complexes; Estradiol and progesterone receptors in human endometrium; v.9 - The lipotropins; Regulation of adenylate cyclase by adrenergic receptors; Nutritional regulation of K+ conductance: an unsettled aspect of pancreatic B cell physiology; Insulin sensitive glucoregulator chemoreceptors in the central nervous system: their putative role in glucose homeostasis; Estrogen-inducible growth factors: proposal of new mechanisms of estrogen-promoted tumor cell growth; Chemical characterization of nuclear acceptors for the avian progesterone receptor; The use of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate as a tool in the study of steroid receptors; Affinity labeling of glucocorticoid receptors: news method in affinity labeling; Immunochemical approaches to the study of glucocorticoid receptors; The properties and the endocrine control of the production of the steroid sulfotransferases; Chemical substitution of steroid hormones: effect on receptor binding and pharmacokinetics; v.10 - The application of recombinant techniques to the study of the control of globulin gene expression; The role of the nuclear matrix in steroid hormone action; Nerve growth factor related hormones; Hormonal regulation of growth hormone synthesis in cell cultures: role of thyroid and glucocorticoid hormone receptors; Factors affecting mammary cells in culture; The secretion and actions of melotonin; The Ah receptor: controlling factor in the induction of drug-metabolizing enzymes by certain chemical carcinogens and other environmental pollutants; Specificity of nucleic acid structure for binding steroid receptors; Mammary tumor growth and response to ovariectomy; Hormonal regulation of estrogen and progesterone receptor systems; Genetic and biochemical studies on glucocorticoid-induced cleft palate; Molecular basis of glucocorticoid resistance in experimental and human leukemia; v.11 - The leukotrienes; Molecular approaches to the study of cyclic AMP action; Molecular mechanism of gonadotropin releasing hormone action; Mechanisms of biological signaling by the insulin receptor; Antibodies to the insulin receptor: studies of receptor structure and function; Insulin biology from the perspective of studies on mammary gland development; Steroid hormone action interpreted from X-ray crystallographic studies; Application of immunochemical techniques to the analysis of estrogen receptors structure and function; Role of the estrogen receptor in estrogen-responsive mammalian cells; Catechol estrogens; Peroxidase: a marker for estrogen expression; Inactivation, activation, and stabilization of glucocorticoid receptors."
  • "Hormonal responses in amphibian metamorphosis; The developmental formation of ensymes in rat liver; Regulation of protein synthesis by growth and developmental hormones; The regulation of some biochemical circadian rhythms; Hormones and transport across cell membranes; Binding of hormones to serum proteins; Insulin and protein synthesis; Mineralocorticoids; Parathroid hormone and calcitonin; Mechanism of action of thyrotropin; The thymus as an endocrine gland: hormones and their actions; Plant hormones."
  • "Hormones and regulation of cell division: mammalian cell cultures as an experimental approach; Genetic approaches to ensyme induction in mammalian cells and hybrids in culture; Studies on the interaction of hormones with plasma membrane receptors; Hypothalamic hormones; Biochemical basis of thyroid hormone action; Regulation of net biosynthesis of albumin, fibrinogen, alfa 2 - 9 (acute phase) globulin, and haptoglobin by direct action of hormones on the isolated perfused liver; Estrogen actions on synthesis of macromoleculares in target cells; Nucleic acid probes and analysis of hormone action in oviduct; Hormonal regulation of specific gene expression in the chick oviduct; The glucocorticoid receptor; The role of serum in cell culture."

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