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The Nuremberg trial

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  • "The first tribunal to judge war criminals was formed at the close of World War II in the German city of Nuremberg. Knowing that atrocities are common to warfare, the United States and its allies set out at the outset of the trial to prove that many in Hitler's Nazi regime had exceeded the scope of military barbarism and, instead, actively pursued crimes against humanity. From court transcripts, newspaper reportage, and personal remembrances, the Nuremberg Trial and its ramifications come to life in Greenhaven Press' anthology."
  • "I was just following orders." Nazis gave this excuse for committing previously unimaginable atrocities. In trying 22 of the highest Nazi officials at Nuremberg, the Allies established that this was not an acceptable defense and that war crimes would not go unpunished. This anthology details the preparation and conduct of the "greatest criminal trial."

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