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  • "Esau : la gran novela sobre el Yeti"

  • "An expedition is mounted to the Himalayas to capture the Abominable Snowman, believed to be the missing link between ape and man. It follows a mountain climber's discovery of the skull of a recently dead snowman, which scientists claim proves the species actually exists. An adventure story that looks at evolution. By the author of The Grid."
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  • "Wanneer een bergbeklimmer in de Himalaya een schedel vindt en deze door zijn ex-vriendin laat analyseren, staan ze voor een raadsel: de schedel is van een oermens, maar wel van recente datum."
  • "In a lab at Berkeley campus, a paleoanthropologist learns that a new fossil find is the scientific discovery of a lifetime - - proof of an alternative line of hominid developement...Call it Esau."

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  • "Esaú"
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  • "Esau : roman"
  • "Esau : a thriller"
  • "Esau : Roman"
  • "Esau Hörspiel"
  • "Esau : Thriller"
  • "Esaù : [un thriller sulle candide nevi dell'Himalaya]"
  • "Esau : [a thriller]"
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