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A health unto His Majesty

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  • "Catherine Braganza and Barbara Palmer are the protagonists of a romanic novel based on episodes in the life of Charles II."
  • "At England's voluptuous seventeenth-century court, a shy bride, Catherine of Braganza, and a sensual mistress, Lady Castlemaine, compete for the love of Charles II."
  • "Based on the life of Charles II."

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  • "Fiction"@en

  • "A health unto His Majesty"
  • "A health unto His Majesty"@en
  • "A health unto his majesty"
  • "A health unto His Majesty. [A novel of Charles II.]"@en
  • "A health unto his Majesty"@en
  • "A Health unto His Majesty. [A novel.]"
  • "A Health unto His Majesty. [A novel.]"@en
  • "A Health unto his majesty"
  • "Health unto his majesty"@en