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Who wrote the Bible?

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  • "Armed with his training as a Bible scholar and a linguist, Professor Friedman combines his own understanding of the ancient world with recent archeological evidence and new methods of literary analysis to discover clues within the Bible itself that point to a solution to the puzzle of its authorship. Like a skilled detective on a difficult case, he carefully uncovers the identity of the writers: when and where they lived, their relationship to the events they described, whom they admired, whom they opposed, the political and religious motivations behind their works; and in three cases, he provides their names. He discovers that some of these writers knew each other and tells how this affected, in unexpected ways, the final form the Bible took. Finally, he explains why there are inconsistencies in the Bible, why certain stories came out the way they did and what their relationship was to the historical events they describe, why certain laws were laid down, and why God is portrayed in so many different and often contradictory ways.--From publisher description."
  • ""It is a strange fact that we have never known with certainty who produced the book that has played such a central role in our civilization," writes Friedman, a foremost Bible scholar. From this point he begins an investigation and analysis that reads as compellingly as a good detective story. Focusing on the central books of the Old Testament-Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy - he draws upon biblical and archaeological evidence to make a convincing argument for the identities of their authors. In the process he paints a vivid picture of the world of the Bible - its politics, history, and personalities. The result is a marvel of scholarship that sheds a new and enriching light on our understanding of the Bible as literature, history, and sacred text."
  • "Includes index and bibliography."

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  • "Criticism, interpretation, etc"

  • "Who wrote the Bible?"
  • "Who wrote the Bible?"@en
  • "Who wrote the bible?"@en
  • "Who wrote the Bible ?"