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The Night Lives On

Three decades after his landmark work A Night to Remember.

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  • "Overview: The most awesome ocean-going vessel the world had ever seen, the mighty TITANIC struck an iceberg and sank on the night of April 14, 1912, carrying more than 1500 souls-and uncountable secrets-to the icy bottom of the mid-Atlantic. Why did the crew steam full speed ahead into dangerous waters despite six wireless warnings? How able was the doomed behemoth's superb seaman Captain Smith? Why did the nearby ship Californian ignore Titanic's distress signals? How could such a disaster ever have occurred? Author Walter Lord's acclaimed classic A Night to Remember is considered the definitive written work on the TITANIC tragedy. And now he returns to the scene of chaos and horror to explore-and answer-the untold mysteries behind the twentieth century's greatest catastrophe at sea."
  • "Three decades after his landmark work A Night to Remember."@en
  • "Three decades after his landmark work A Night to Remember, Walter Lord revisits the Titanic Years after A Night to Remember stoked the fires of public interest in the doomed RMS Titanic, the clamor for details about April 14, 1912, has not abated. As die-hard professional and amateur historians--"rivet counters," they are called--puzzle over minute details of the ship's last hours, a wealth of facts and myth have emerged. Revisiting the subject more than thirty years after his first study, Lord dives into this harrowing story, whose power to intrigue has only grown a century after the Titanic's sinking. Was the ship really christened before setting sail on its maiden voyage? What song did the band play as water spilled over the ship's bow? How did the ship's wireless operators fail so badly, and why did the nearby Californian, just ten miles away when the Titanic struck the iceberg, not come to the rescue?"@en
  • "On a cold night in April 1912, the magnificent liner The Titanic proclaimed unsinkable, struck an iceberg and went down with an appalling loss of life. Walter Lord's research has resulted in this volume that explores many of the riddles of its demise."@en
  • "Sheds light on the sinking of the "Titanic," with new evidence and theories on, and revelations about, the disaster."@en

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  • "Titanic - wie es wirklich war : die Geschichte des Luxusliners und seiner Passagiere"
  • "The Night Lives On"@en
  • "The Night lives on"
  • "The Night Lives On The Untold Stories and Secrets Behind the Sinking of the "Unsinkable" Ship?Titanic"@en
  • "Night lives on : the untold stories & secrets behind the sinking of the unsinkable"@en
  • "The night lives on : thoughts, theories and revelations about the Titanic"
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  • "The night lives on"
  • "The night lives on"@en