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The biology of mangroves and seagrasses

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  • "Mangroves and seagrasses form extensive and highly productive ecosystems that are biologically diverse and economically valuable. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the biology and ecology of mangroves and seagrasses, using a global range of examples. It deals with the adaptations of these plants to their exacting environment, the rich and diverse communities of organisms that depend on mangrove forestsand seagrass meadows (including tree-climbing shrimps, synchronously flashing fireflies and 'gardening' seacows)"
  • "Mangrove trees flourish even when regularly flooded by seawater. Their unique environment is of biological interest and also of economic importance. This is an overview of the biology of mangrove systems.--Résumé de l'éditeur."

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  • "Electronic books"

  • "Biology of mangroves"
  • "The biology of mangroves and seagrasses"@en
  • "The biology of mangroves and seagrasses"
  • "The biology of mangroves"
  • "The Biology of Mangroves and Seagrasses"
  • "The Biology of mangroves and seagrasses"
  • "The Biology of Mangroves"