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Systematic theology ... with a [bibliography and a] complete textual index

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  • "Théologie systématique"
  • "Systematic theology"

  • "This new printing of Louis Berkhof's Systematic Theology offers a bit of a surprise and, we hope, a significant service to the readers of this eminent volume. For most of its history under the title Systematic Theology, Professor Berkhof's work has appeared as a theological system without introduction or prolegomenon. In this new edition of Berkhof's work, we have returned his prolegomenon to its proper place. For Berkhof did indeed write a formal prolegomenon to his theology, titled Introduction to the Study of Systematic Theology. That Professor Berkhof himself intended the Introduction to be read together with the system is immediately evident. It is also the case that the Introduction was an integral part of Berkhof's address to theology from the outset of his teaching. We can only hope that the publication of Berkhof's Systematic Theology, now complete with its prolegomenon, will increase its usefulness and extend its time of service to the world of theology. It remains the best modern English-language introduction to the doctrinal theology of the Reformed tradition. - Back cover."

  • "Controversial literature"@en
  • "Controversial literature"

  • "Teología sistemática"@es
  • "Teología sistemática"
  • "Systematic theology ... with a [bibliography and a] complete textual index"@en
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  • "Systematic theology : with a complete textual index"
  • "Systematic theology : with a complete textual index"@en
  • "Le dieu trinitaire et ses attributs"
  • "Teología sistemática : con un indice textual completo"
  • "Le Dieu trinitaire et ses attributs"
  • "Systematic theology : With a complete textual index"
  • "Systematic theology"@en
  • "Systematic theology"
  • "Systematic theology; with a complete textual index"@en
  • "Teologia sistemática"
  • "Systematic theology. With a complete textual index"@en
  • "Le Dieu trinitaire et ses attributes"