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The art of Unix programming

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  • "UNIX bian cheng yi shu"
  • "UNIX 编程艺术"

  • "This book brings together for the first time the philosophy, design patterns, tools, culture, and traditions that make Unix home to the world's best and most innovative software, and shows how these are carried forward in Linux and today's open source movement."

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  • "Electronic books"@en
  • "Livres électroniques"
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  • "Libros electrónicos"

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  • "The Art of UNIX programming"
  • "The art of Unix programming"@en
  • "The art of Unix programming"
  • "Art of UNIX Programming = UNIX bian cheng yi shu"
  • "Art of UNIX Programming = UNIX 编程艺术"
  • "The art of UNIX programming : [with contributions from thirteen UNIX pioneers, including its inventor, Ken Thompson]"
  • "The art of UNIX programming = UNIX编程艺术"
  • "Umění programování v UNIXu"
  • "The art of UNIX programming"
  • "The art of UNIX programming = UNIX 程序设计艺术"
  • "Art of Unix programming"@en