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Freedom evolves

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  • "Freedom evolves"
  • "Freedom evolves"@it

  • "Verdediging op basis van de evolutiebiologie van de verenigbaarheid van ons idee van een vrije wil met de gedachte dat alles wat er gebeurt volledig causaal bepaald is."
  • ""Four billion years ago, there was no freedom on our planet, because there was no life. What kinds of freedom have evolved since the origin of life? Can there be freedom and free will in a deterministic world? If you are free, are you responsible for being free, or just lucky?" "In Freedom Evolves, Daniel C. Dennett, the author of Darwin's Dangerous Idea and Consciousness Explained, sets out to answer these questions, showing how we, alone among the animals, have evolved minds that give us free will and morality. In a series of strikingly original arguments drawing on evolutionary biology, cognitive neuroscience, economics, and philosophy, he demonstrates that if we accept Darwin's reasoning, we can build from the simplest life forms all the way up to the best and deepest human thoughts on questions of morality and meaning, ethics and freedom."--BOOK JACKET."

  • "Aspectos morales"@es
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  • "Freedom evolves"
  • "Freedom evolves"@en
  • "Zi you de jin hua = Freedom evolves"
  • "自由的进化 = Freedom evolves"
  • "De evolutie van de vrije wil"
  • "Théorie évolutionniste de la liberté"
  • "La evolución de la libertad"@es
  • "La Evolución de la libertad"
  • "L'evoluzione della libertà"@it
  • "L'evoluzione della libertà"