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Frank Watson Dyson Papers,

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  • "Includes principally: A. Correspondence and administrative papers connected with all aspects of the running of the Royal Observatory. B. Documentation of important topics: the successful resistance to pressure from Admiralty to close the Royal Observatory to save expenditure during World War One and wartime work undertaken by Dyson to prove the merits of the establishment; the tradition, established by Christie and continued by Dyson, of sending expeditions to observe solar eclipses, wherever a favorable event occurred. Most importantly, he organized, with Arthur Eddington, the expeditions to observe the eclipse of 1919 May 29; Dyson's Royal Observatory party travelled to Sobral in Brazil, whilst Eddington's Cambridge University team went to the island of Principe in the Gulf of Guinea. The observations of the deflection of starlight at the Sun's limb, particularly those made at Sobral where the sky remained cloudless, served as the first experimental evidence of the veracity of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. The commencement of the radio dissemination of the Greenwich Mean Time signal from the Royal Observatory (the "six pips"); gift of £15,000 by William Johnstone Yapp to construct the 36-inch Yapp reflecting telescope, and commencement of construction of the telescope and dome. C. This is a partial list of the names of correspondents and others as they appear in the handlist to this class of papers in RGO."

  • "Frank Watson Dyson Papers,"