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Fire a novel

The beauty and terror of a forest fire in the Sierra Nevadas.

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  • "The beauty and terror of a forest fire in the Sierra Nevadas."@en
  • "Spitcat, a raging forest fire in the Sierra Nevada of California, had a lifespan of merely eleven days, "yet its effects could be reckoned ahead in centuries." So writes George R. Stewart in this engrossing novel of a fire started by lightning in the dry heat of September, and fanned out of control by unexpected winds. The book begins with the origins of the fire--smoldering quietly at first, unnoticed, then suddenly bursting into a terrifying inferno, devouring trees and animals over acre after acre and leaving nothing but desolation in its wake. Firefighters and lookouts, forest rangers and smokejumpers--as well as animals in the forest, many of them the bewildered victims of the blaze, and all the varied trees and bushes there--are characters of this realistic story."

  • "Powieść amerykańska"
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  • "Jaṅgala dī agga nāwala"
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