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Discovering traditional farm buildings

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  • "Farm buildings form an important element in the landscape, whether they are found in villages or hamlets, or are isolated in the countryside. In their design they reflect the differences in types and methods of farming between one area and another and between different periods of history. They thus provide valuable material evidence for agricultural history. However, the old buildings are generally not suited to modern farming methods. A great many have been converted to houses or some other use, others have been modified, or demolished or left to decay. The need to study and record what is left is therefore very urgent. The traditional farmstead was composed of a number of different buildings, each with its own characteristic features and each serving a different purpose. This book looks at the purely agricultural buildings in turn, so that each can be recognised, as a barn, a cowhouse, a stable and so on; the house is ignored, being a subject on its own. The buildings are looked at as you would approach them, noting first the features visible from outside, then those seen inside, and only finally the plan. The book also looks, more briefly, at the way buildings are grouped together."

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  • "Discovering traditional farm buildings"