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Women's experience of wilderness : a phenomenological study

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  • "After reading and coding the eight interviews, several themes, expressed as major clusters and as polarities, began to emerge. the clusters identified are (1) Selfhood, (2) Connectedness, (3) Separateness and (4) Wilderness. Themes expressed as polarities, some of which overlap with the clustered themes, describe a tension and conflict within the individual. the polarities are (1) Independence versus Dependence, (2) Connectedness versus Separateness, (3) Vulnerability versus Capability and (4) Life versus Death."
  • "Implications for therapy and research as well as social implications were discussed."
  • "This is a qualitative study utilizing the phenomenological research method to learn about women's experience of wilderness. Eight women who regularly participate in wilderness activities were interviewed using a semi-structured interview format. the Interviews were recorded, transcribed, coded and analyzed using Clark Moustakas' modified version of the van Kaam method of analysis and the Ethnograph: A Program for the Computer Assisted Analysis of Text Based Data developed by John Seidel."
  • "The women's awareness developed in the physical, psychological and emotional, relational, and spiritual realms. They did this by (1) Discovering strength and pleasure in their physical abilities. (2) Testing the self in a traditionally considered "masculine" environment and confirming competencies and strengths previously unrecognized. (3) Recognizing and renegotiating relationships with others, especially family of origin. (4) Experiencing spirituality and connectedness."
  • "Wilderness is a therapeutic context for women to deal metaphorically with the difficult and necessary transitions of adult life. the wilderness context allows a relatively unobstructed glimpse into the personal, cognitive and emotional aspects of the self. What one learns there can be carried into everyday experience."

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  • "Women's experience of wilderness a phenomenological study"