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Third in a thrilling new series of counter-factual historical thrillers from an SF master.

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  • "Door een apocalyptische maar cryptische profetie te ontraadselen proberen afstammelingen van een zieneres van 1080 tot 1480 de loop van de geschiedenis te beïnvloeden."
  • "Third in a thrilling new series of counter-factual historical thrillers from an SF master."@en
  • "History. Stephen Baxter's new series is full of page-turning action, intriguing mystery and awe-inspiring scientific speculation. Full of evocative historical detail and characters who jump off the page, NAVIGATOR is the third of the series and delves deep into the discovery of America."@en
  • "A mysterious prophecy continues to transform the face of Europe as Christianity and Islam battle for supremacy across Spain, agents from the future use horrific weapons of destruction to change history, and in 1492, a bold explorer seeks funding for his western expedition."@en
  • "As the fearsome war between Christianity and Islam leaves its mark across the land, a rogue Spanish priest dreams of the final defeat of Islam, for he has found a rent in the tapestry of time, a point where agents from the future used diabolical weapons of destruction to change history. Centuries later, in 1492, as men of vision weary of the strife and are drawn to the unknown West, one such explorer seeks the funding for his voyage--while a mysterious Weaver plots to unravel the strands of time and stop him.--From publisher description."@en

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