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Fox River

In virginia horse country, family roots go deep. Secrets go even deeper.

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  • "In virginia horse country, family roots go deep. Secrets go even deeper."@en
  • "Julia Fletcher wanted nothing more than a quiet life with her rugged young lover, Christian Carver. But when Christian was wrongly convicted of murder, a pregnant and desperate Julia married another to save her child's reputation. Now, nine years later, Julia returns to her family home at Fox River, suffering from blindness. She is haunted by forgotten memories, which will only come to light when she is face to face with Christian, who has just been released from prison."@en
  • "An innocent man is released after nine years in jail for a murder he didn't commit."@en
  • "Daughter of a legendary Virginia hunt master and aristocrat, Julia Warwick grew up in a world where Thoroughbreds and foxhunting are passions, not pastimes. Julia finds her own passion in Christian Carver, a talented young horse trainer. But when a beautiful heiress is murdered and Christian is convicted of the crime, a pregnant, desperate Julia marries a friend who offers solace. Now, though blindness darkens her world, it opens her eyes to hidden truths. About her husband, her family, her friends and the man she loved. And as the story starts to emerge, a forgotten memory begins to return, a mystery comes to light ... and two lovers torn apart by forces they couldn't control face each other once and for all."@en
  • "In a community of millionaires and the people who serve them, a drama of scandal, secrets and murder is about to be exposed ..."@en
  • "When her lover, Christopher, a gifted horse trainer, is convicted of murder, Julia Warwick is unexplainably seiged by sudden blindness and decides to marry a friend who offers her a safe haven, and as she acclimates herself to a world of darkness, Julia soon discovers dark secrets about her husband, her family, and her imprisoned lover. Original."@en
  • "An artist's sudden blindness is diagnosed as psychological trauma--but what is it she doesn't want to see?"@en

  • "Psychological fiction"
  • "Psychological fiction"@en
  • "Powieść amerykańska"@pl
  • "Fiction"
  • "Fiction"@en
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  • "Love stories"@en

  • "Polowanie na lisa"
  • "Polowanie na lisa"@pl
  • "Fox River : Roman"
  • "Fox River"@en
  • "Fox River"
  • "L'écho de la rivière"
  • "L'écho de la rivière : roman"
  • "Fox river"
  • "Fox river"@en