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Physiology of sport and exercise

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  • "Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Fourth Edition, stands alone as the best, most comprehensive resource framing the latest research findings in a reader-friendly format. This winning combination makes it easier and more engaging than ever for students to develop their understanding of the body's marvellous abilities to perform various types and intensities of exercise and sport, to adapt to stressful situations and to improve its physiological capacities."
  • "Synopsis: How can you make the best textbook in the field of sport and exercise physiology better? Leave it to authors Jack Wilmore and David Costill, two of the field's most respected scholars, to do so. Here's what makes Physiology of Sport and Exercise an even better resource: A better organization of the field's subject matter; Dynamic graphic presentations-featuring four-color photographs, graphs, and illustrations-that complement the text and encourage a deeper understanding; Clarity of language and reader-friendly presentation of information including color-coded chapters, chapter outlines, key terms and points, summary boxes, study questions, glossary and index; Thoroughly updated information based on the latest research findings; A new student study guide that features active learning exercises; Metric as well as imperial measurements. The new edition includes dramatically improved and expanded supporting ancillary materials to help instructors teach the course. The text's supporting materials include the following: An electronic Instructor Guide new to this edition, free with course adoptions; A revised and improved Test Bank, free with course adoptions; A much expanded Graphics Package for PowerPoint or slide presentations, free with course adoptions. Plus, instructors have the added convenience of being able to travel to a website to retrieve some of the course's ancillary materials. Now you can offer your students the very best textbook available for bringing the field of sport and exercise physiology to life. Physiology of Sport and Exercise-a powerful and engaging learning tool-offers students a jump start in their studies."
  • "La physiologie du sport et de l'exercice physique analyse les différentes adaptations de l'organisame à un exercice isolé ou à l'entraînement. Cette branche récente de la physiologie s'est développée progressivement au cours des dernières décennies parallèlement à l'essor de la pratique physique et sportive. Elle est présentée dans cet ouvrage de manière progressive et novatrice. Cette physiolgie pratique, doublée d'excellentes données physiopathologiques, met bien en évidence la complexité des mécanismes de régulation permettant à l'organisme de répondre au stress particulier de l'exercice musculaire."
  • "The leading textbook for undergraduate exercise physiology courses, Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Fifth Edition, has been fully updated in both content and design. The authors, all distinguished researchers and past presidents of the American College of Sports Medicine, combine their expertise to deliver superior technical content while maintaining an accessible, reader-friendly format. The fifth edition has been redesigned to enhance its visual appeal and provide students with an improved learning experience. Completely revamped photos, illustrations, and medical artwork offer a higher level of detail and clarity to better illustrate how the body performs and responds to physical activity. In addition, the text features new and updated content based on the latest research in the field as well as a reorganized chapter structure. To facilitate a more integrated learning experience, Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Fifth Edition, has an accompanying web study guide. The study guide offers updated learning activities that complement each chapter in the book, and study guide reminders in the text prompt students when to access the guide to practice, review, and develop their understanding of chapter concepts."

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  • "Physiology of Sport and Exercise"
  • "Physiology of sport and exercise"
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  • "Physiologie du sport et de l'exercice physique : adaptations physiologiques à l'exercice physique"
  • "Physiologie du sport et de l'exercice : adaptations physiologiques à l'exercice physique"
  • "Physiologie du sport et de l'exercice physique"
  • "Fisiologia dell'esercizio fisico e dello sport"
  • "Fisiologia dell'esercizio fisico e dello sport"@it
  • "Fisiología del esfuerzo y del deporte"@es
  • "Fisiología del esfuerzo y del deporte"
  • "Physiology of sport and exercise : [New! Includes a free online student study guide]"
  • "Inspannings- en sportfysiologie"