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Linear programming and extensions. --

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  • "The linear programming concept; Origins and influences; Formulating a linear programming model; Linear equation and inequality systems; The simplex method; Proof of the simplex algorithm and the duality theorem; The geometry of linear programs; Pivoting, vector spaces, matrices, and inverses; The simplex method using multipliers; Finiteness of the simplex method under perturbation; Variants of the simplex algorithm; The price concept in linear programming; Games and linear programs; The classical transportation problem; Optimal assignment and other distribution problems; The transshipment problem; Networks and the transshipment problem; Variables with upper bounds; Maximal flows in networks; The primal-dual method for transportation problems; The weighted distribution problem; Programs with variable coefficients; A decomposition principle for linear programs; Convex programming; Uncertainty; Discrete variable extremum problems; Stigler's nutrition model: an example of formulation and solution; The allocation of aircraft to routes under uncertain demand."

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