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Saint Paul the foundation of universalism

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  • "Svatý Pavel - zakladatel univerzalismu"

  • "Filosofische beschouwing over het denken van de apostel Paulus."
  • "In this bold and provocative work, French philosopher Alain Badiou proposes a startling reinterpretation of St. Paul. For Badiou, Paul is neither the venerable saint embalmed by Christian tradition, nor the venomous priest execrated by philosophers like Nietzsche: he is instead a profoundly original and still revolutionary thinker whose invention of Christianity weaves truth and subjectivity together in a way that continues to be relevant for us today. In this work, Badiou argues that Paul delineates a new figure of the subject: the bearer of a universal truth that simultaneously shatters the strictures of Judaic Law and the conventions of the Greek Logos. Badiou shows that the Pauline figure of the subject still harbors a genuinely revolutionary potential today: the subject is that which refuses to submit to the order of the world as we know it and struggles for a new one instead."

  • "Criticism, interpretation, etc"@en
  • "Criticism, interpretation, etc"
  • "Criticism, interpretation, etc"@es
  • "Pojednání"
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  • "Saint-Paul : la fondation de l'universalisme"
  • "Svatý Pavel : zakladatel univerzalismu"
  • "Saint Paul the foundation of universalism"@en
  • "Saint Paul the foundation of universalism"
  • "Saint Paul : la fondation de l'universalisme"
  • "Saint Paul : the foundation of universalism"
  • "Saint Paul, la fondation de l'universalisme"
  • "Saint Paul : la fondation de lủniversalisme"
  • "Paulus : de fundering van het universalisme"
  • "Paulus : die Begründung des Universalismus"
  • "San Pablo : la fundación del universalismo"@es
  • "San Pablo : la fundación del universalismo"
  • "Saint-Paul la fondation de l'universalisme"
  • "Saint-Paul, la fondation de l'universalisme"