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Refugees in inter-war Europe : the emergence of a regime

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  • "In inter-war Europe, millions of refugees, including Russians, Armenians, Greeks, and Jews, constituted a major humanitarian and political issue. This book examines the origins of refugee movements of the 1920s and 1930s and international responses to them. The book argues that international assistance efforts by governments, the League of Nations, and private organizations were part of an international regime, and this regime had - and continues to have - a significant impact on refugee policy. During the inter-war years, the first international refugee law was developed, the first refugee settlement projects were carried out, and the first High Commissioner for refugees was appointed. Over time, the influence of the regime contributed to the establishment of a special status for people who flee their home country because of war or persecution, a status that differentiated refugees from economic migrants, and gave them preferential treatment in domestic and international law."
  • "This text examines the causes and consequences of refugee movement during this century, with particular reference to inter-war Europe. It analyzes international responses to those movements, and draws conclusions that have continuing relevance today, when the refugee issue is as pressing as ever."

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  • "Refugees in inter-war Europe : the emregence of a regime"
  • "Refugees in inter war Europe : the emergence of a regime"
  • "Refugees in inter-war Europe : the emergence of a regime"@en
  • "Refugees in inter-war Europe : the emergence of a regime"
  • "Refugees in inter-war Europe the emergence of a regime"