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Great Sky woman

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  • "Thirty thousand years ago, in the heart of the African continent and in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, lived the Ibandi. For countless generations they nurtured their ancient tradition, and met survivals daily struggle with quiet faith in their gods. But when brutal intruders arrived from the south, a few brave souls dared the ultimate quest to climb the Great Mountain, seeking answers and a way into the future. This novel follows the adventures of two of the Ibandis chosen ones: TCori, an abandoned girl raised by the powerful and mysterious medicine woman Stillshadow, and Frog Hopping, a boy possessing a gift that is also a curse. Through the years, and on their separate life paths, TCoris and Frogs fates entwine as an inevitable disaster approaches from the southfrom the very god they worship. For as long as there have been mountain, sky, and savannah, there has been a home for the Ibandi. Now, in the face of an enemy beyond anything spoken of even in legend, they must ask their god face-to-face: Do we remain or do we depart?"

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