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  • "At The Kingdom, Denmark's most technologically advanced hospital, a number of strange and otherworldly events begin to occur, much to the dismay of its doctors and patients. At the urging of a spiritualist patient, the employees attempt to help the supernatural forces rest."
  • "The Kingdom Hospital is ailing. This once venerable institution has become a carnival of horrors as a restless ghost haunts the halls crying for redemption. The patients try to contact the uneasy spirit with séances. The doctors, feeling their own inadequacy, turn to exorcism, and voodoo in desperate attempts to salvage their power as healers. But a terrible secret, buried in the past has the hospital in its grasp. The terror spreads like a virus, snaring the innocent in its deadly path. But it may be too late to save The Kingdom."

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  • "Riget"
  • "Kingdom."
  • "Lars Von Trier's The Kingdom."
  • "Riget The Kingdom. Series one /"
  • "Riget. Series 1."
  • "The kingdom Series One. /"
  • "The Kingdom, series 1"
  • "The Kingdom. Series one"
  • "Kingdom"