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Structured COBOL programming : (includes COBOL 85)

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  • "Cobol programming"
  • "Wiley COBOL syntax reference guide"
  • "Structured C.O.B.O.L. programming"
  • "Structured C.O.B.O.L. programming"@en
  • "Wiley COBOL syntax reference guide with IBM and VAX enhancements"
  • "COBOL programming"

  • "An overview of Cobol; Introduction to Cobol programming; Data organization; The identification division; The environment division; The data division; The procedure division; Basic Cobol operations; The move statement; The working-storage section; Arithmetic opeartions; Conditional statements; Basic print and edit options; Additional data division entries and validity checking routines; Editing printed output; Special considerations for printed output; Display and accept statements; Advanced logic considerations and table gandling routines; The perform statement; Additional methods of altering the path of a program; Occurs clauses - single level; Table ahndling routines using the search statement; Occurs clauses 0 double and triple levels; Tape and disk processing; Sequential file processing; The sort feature; Disk processing; Additional Cobol options; Additional entries for editing and maximizing program efficency; Debugging Cobol programs."

  • "Matériel didactique"

  • "Structured COBOL programming : for the year 2000 and beyond"
  • "Structured COBOL programming : (includes COBOL 85)"@en
  • "Structural cobol programming"
  • "Programación estructurada con COBOL"
  • "Programación estructurada con COBOL"@es
  • "Structured cobol programming"@en
  • "Structured cobol programming"
  • "Structured Cobol programming : (Includes Cobol 85)"
  • "Structured Cobol programming"
  • "Structured Cobol Programming"
  • "Structured cobol programming 3d ed"
  • "Structured COBOL programming"
  • "Structured COBOL programming"@en
  • "Structural COBOL programming"
  • "Structural COBOL programming"@en
  • "Structured Cobol programming : (includes COBOL 85)"