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Encyclopedia of crime and justice : 4 Volumes

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  • "Crime & justice"
  • "Crime and justice"@en
  • "Crime and justice"
  • "Encyclopedia of crime and justice"
  • "Encyclopedia of crime and justice"@en

  • "This encyclopedia deals with not only law, but also sociology, psychology, history and economics. With entries ranging widely from abortion to rape and from family violence to wiretapping, the text offers a true mirror of issues in today's headlines."
  • "The encyclopedia of crime & justice not only discusses many different kinds of crime--from perjury to terrorism--but also looks at law enforcement, legal procedures and penalties and the social causes and wide-ranging impact of crimes on society. The articles reflect issues dominating the news and entertainment media--topics that are frequently discussed or assigned in both high school and college curricula. What is perjury? How do copyright laws pertain to the Internet? Can a juvenile be tried as an adult for murder? In 250 A-Z entries, these interdisciplinary articles deal with the sociology, psychology, history and economics of crime."

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  • "Encyclopedia of crime and justice : 4 Volumes"@en
  • "Encyclopedia of crime and justice"
  • "Encyclopedia of crime & justice"
  • "Encyclopedia of crime & justice"@en