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Martin & meditations on the South Valley

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  • "Martín"
  • "Martín and meditations on the South Valley"
  • "Meditations on the South Valley"

  • "Fiercely moving, the two long narrative poems of Martin & Meditations on the South Valley revolve around the semi-autobiographical figure of Martin, a mestizo or 'detribalized Apache.' Abandoned as a child and a long time on the hard path to building his own family, Martin at last finds his home in the stubborn and beautiful world of the barrio. Jimmy Santiago Baca 'writes with unconcealed passion, ' Denise Levertov states in her introduction, 'but he is far from being a naive realist; what makes his writing so exciting to me is the way in which it manifests both an intense lyricism and that transformative vision which perceives the mythic and archetypal significance of life-events.'"

  • "Martin & meditations on the South Valley"
  • "Martín & meditations on the South Valley"
  • "Martín ; Meditations on the South Valley"